I would watch Netflix with these awesome people and snack away...add yours 💜🙏🏾
  1. Kurt Cobain
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    Bojack Horseman & Cupcakes w/ Ice Cream.
  2. Mindy Kaling // @mindy
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    Love Actually & McDonald's in phases (delivered by postmates because we aren't leaving the house)
  3. Mitch Hedberg
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    John Mulaney's new special & Cinnamon Toast Crunch by the handful.
  4. David Wain // @davidwain
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    Arrested Development & Chinese Takeout.
  5. JFK
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    Masters of None & Sushi
  6. Ryan Murphy
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    Peaky Blinders & Indian Takeout
  7. Retta // @unfoRETTAble
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    Jessica Jones & breakfast for dinner.
  8. I'd binge Battlestar Galactica with Louis CK and we'd eat yummy Chinese takeout
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    Suggested by @shanaz