Yo yo yo yo, I has to know who is in this town now with this new release to android. Say who you are, gimme a pic and what neighborhood you pay rent in.
  1. I'm Shelli and I live in the middle of the hipster triangle (Humboldt) and this is me!
    I'm also single so I may be hitting on some of you often...
  2. My name is Mark I live in Albany Park.
    I like beer and food. I bought a new hat after this pic because I was unaware of the sweat stains.
    Suggested by   @shanty
  3. I'm Sarah and I live in what I usually describe as "Lincoln Square Andersonville-ish" ☺️👋🏻
    Suggested by   @hermionegranger
  4. My name is Emma and I live in Ravenswood! Right above a pizza shop! Which is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!
    Suggested by   @welchcommaemma
  5. I'm Emily!
    I live in Logan with my soon to be hubby and five cats 😝
    Suggested by   @emizzilly
  6. Hi! I'm Sarah! I live in Lincoln Park! I'm a designer at a startup and a comedy writer and performer! I am cool beans except I don't need those glasses shhhh
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  7. I'm Anna, and I live in Lincoln Park
    Suggested by   @80lemons
  8. I'm Laurie and I live in River West
    Suggested by   @lauriecondra
  9. My name is Ruth. I eat cups of frosting in Wicker, but pay tribute to Fishman in Logan
    Suggested by   @zelin
  10. My name is George. I live in Lincoln Square with @nataliarodas. I do accounts receivable but I am also really humble. Currently writing a PowerPoint show about my near-death experience.
    Suggested by   @georgeviebranzjr
  11. I'm Natalia. I live where @georgeviebranzjr says I live. I'm posting this hospital gown selfie so you'll pay attention to me. Also so when you meet me IRL I'll look stunning.
    Suggested by   @nataliarodas
  12. I am Hannie I live in Hyde Park! Imma turn 24 on June 2nd! (You look hotttt @simplyshelli )
    Suggested by   @hannieshit
  13. I'm @theranman but you, dear friends, may call me The Ranman. Approx. 82% of me looks like this. I have a drink to my mouth about that same percentage of the time.
    I work from home, which means you can almost find me in the West Loop / Fulton Market area, unless I'm on the road for work.
    Suggested by   @theranman
  14. I'm Jess and I live in Ravenswood Gardens. I'm a software engineer and my current passions include sushi and bourbon.
    Suggested by   @junerain
  15. Ivory! Recent college Grad & Back on the Southside!
    Suggested by   @Ivory