Updated 6/14/16
  1. Hey guys!
  2. Updated the list and deleted all the previous comments just so that we can see fresh without scrolling.
  3. I tagged every Chicagoan I could find but tag more If I missed of course!
  4. Date
    January 14 (Thursday)
  5. The spot
    Easy Bar @ damen and division
  6. Time
  7. How to get there
    Damen 50 bus to division / division 70 bus to damen / division blue line walk west 6 blocks to damen / damen blue line walk 6 or so blocks south to division.
  8. What to wear
    Still nothing.
  9. I'm going!!
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  10. It's tonight last tag, I know some of you said you can't make it but I have a note saved with all your handles and was to lazy to go through and delete. #honesty