These are the boys that lined by bedroom wall until my parents asked me to come clear everything out because my mom needed an office so she could visit the digital casino in peace.
  1. Andrew Keegan
    All I wanted was for him to ride up on a motorcycle and whisk me away to the nearest trailer park.
  2. Devon Sawa
    I attempted to be a cheerleader one summer after seeing him in "little giants" because my original plan of looking for a ghost boy at my local abandoned house wasn't panning out so well.
  3. Aladdin
    I was princess jasmine after school everyday for at least a year and rubbed every teapot I saw. This is before I knew it wasn't culturally appropriate to call every middle Eastern boy I met Aladdin and ask him if he had a magic carpet...
  4. Tommy from Power Rangers
    But only when he was the white ranger...I don't know what that means. #swirllife?
  5. The entire cast of 3 Ninjas
    But mostly just Tum-Tum because he was on the constant search for snacks.
  6. Armando West
    My first crush and first foray into stalking. If our elementary school had Instagram I would be constantly asking friends to look at his page for me due to being blocked within his first 2 days of sign up.