I am one traveling bitch this summer and I'd like to add these to my itinerary, if you have any coordinates, please send them my way.
  1. Rack City
    I currently don't have tens or twenties but I do have Air B'n'B credits to cover my lodging for my stay.
  2. Paradise city
    I'm not entirely concerned about the girls being pretty but if the grass isn't green I'll feel cheated.
  3. Houstalantavegas
    I haven't streamed drakes latest album as of yet, but I will eat lunch with you after sucking you dry, like if I can pick where we order from.
  4. Lonesome Town
    I know the streets are filled with regret but while you there you do end up forgetting so...5 Yelp stars.
  5. Transsexual, Translyvania
    I'll stay for a bite AND a night but i WILL NOT watch any old Steve Reeves movies to pay for my stay.
  6. Funky Town
    There are promises of movin' and groovin' that I expect to be fulfilled.
  7. Margaritaville
    I won't be covered in oil but I will certainly be eating a lot of sponge cake.