Please feel free to add your own, I can only speak for myself. This list also isn't just for black people, I am sure many other minorities have many as well. When you culture appropriate instead of makes me feel like you're trying to erase me. So be aware.
  1. Dance classes for twerking aimed at other races that cost between $60-$100
    Yet when people of color do it for free in clubs and at parties it's considered ghetto or ratchet, instead of just having fun and dancing.
  2. Nameplate necklace that are considered fashionable when worn by Carrie Bradshaw and the like.
    Yet when worn by women of color beginning in the early 80's to now it's considered ghetto, hood and gaudy.
  3. Timbaland boots are okay and cool and fashionable when worn in winter.
    Yet when men of color have been wearing them years for the same reason and just so happen to look hella fashionable and swagged out in them, it's said that it's a sign that he's from the hood and it's the apparel of every street corner drug dealer.
  4. Dreadlocks: on Caucasians they are seen as spiritual and in tune with a culture
    Yet when people of color wear them because it actually is apart of their culture or religion, it's still seen by a lot as dirty, unclean and in some situations inappropriate for work.
  5. Braids worn by those who aren't POC or baby hair slicked down on the sides is considered high fashion or an editorial look
    Yet when worn by women of color it's considered "an EXTRA EXTRA black" hairstyle and they aren't saying it in a good way, and when worn by men of color they are "gangstas"
  6. Bindis as a fashion statement
    I love wearing one when I wear a sari or salwar kameez. It makes me feel like a grown ass woman when I go to temple or weddings. When Selena Gomez wears it, it IS sexy. But this IS also troubling considering the meaning behind it as the third eye. This is made worse by drunk girls at Coachella or the fake holi festivals, where they wear it as a fashion statement whilst on drugs. I don't know how I feel about pop stars wearing it but I do know I hate it when people wear it whilst high.
    Suggested by @denesha