1. Hillman College
    Because Lisa Bonet and I would be roomies who shared clothes, opinions and more. Plus, anything to get away from Dr. Cosby right?
  2. East High School
    Mostly because I never saw them in classes and I would think I'd enjoy breaking out into song about cultural appropriation.
  3. Third Street Elementary
    I want Miss Grotke as a teacher, she was always dropping truth bombs and made sure the kids weren't ignorant..also, I would go to extreme lengths to make spinelli my best friend.
  4. USA High
    USA high was everything I wanted high school to be. Living in Paris, new cultural experiences, top notch learning and most importantly sharing a residence with 3 boys who look like they walked off the pages of Tiger Beat magazine.
  5. James Buchanan High School
    Welcome Back Kotter was an amazing show. Most importantly though I'd make Washington my main dude, Horshack my jumpoff & Babarino the dummy I let get into my hot pants from time to time.