I'm from Detroit, not metro, proper. I've told several people i am going home this week for the holidays and have gotten several stupid responses...do your homework before you come at me.
  1. "If it's so good...why didn't you stay"
    I grew up in a Detroit where my chosen field would have afforded me no opportunities. I chose to go school in NYC, move to Chicago and always rep and love Detroit. There is no need for me to take out my book and show you all that I've done from afar to help my city. You probably feel the same which is why you left east jesus nowhere, TN.
  2. "Be careful, it's so bad there"
    GTFO. Detroit isn't all gunshots and robberies, it's probably honestly getting more hipster by the day. Plus, it's my city, a Detroiter is very good at recognizing it's own. So while I'm not about to roam the streets at 4am, I'm also not afraid to walk to Coney Island at night to grab some chili cheese fries.
  3. "I want to move there to really help the city you know"
    No, stay your ass at home. Moving to Detroit to help the city by bringing your art, your talent, your drive, your skills and more is one thing. Moving to Detroit and renting a loft because you think your white presence alone will help the city is another.
  4. "That is not a place to raise a child"
    Really? A culturally diverse major city with art, music, expression and history isn't for a kid? Not to mention having one of the worlds foremost universities for doctors of many kind & all in the middle of a rebirth isn't a place for a kid? Cool, I totally agree with you 🙄 EVERY city has its shit, be apart of the side that is changing things.
  5. "Such a scary place to grow up, right? So many shootings and gangs"
    No actually, it was lovely. I grew up in a dope neighborhood, in a big warm house on a block where every home was filled with families of all types of colored people. And while everyone had those cousins who would come visit from way way deep Detroit, growing up there was still more "TV Family" than many people would think. As for gangs and guns, yes it existed but doesn't it in every major city?
  6. "It's like people are really bringing the culture to that city"
    BRINGING IT BACK?! no...no...NO. Detroit is the city that helped give you the music you are listening to today, the car you grew up driving, the artists who inspired you to be one yourself. The culture in the city may have been dormant in some places but...it was never gone.
  7. "So many black people"
    Yeah homie, lots of them. And some of them are crazy ones that I don't fucks with. But the rest of them are cool as hell. Detroit is covered in blackness, what's so bad about that. But did you also know it's the largest place outside of the Middle East that has a large population of that culture? We got Latins to & hella polish and Irish people, even a few Jews sprinkled in. And you know how it was being surrounded by cultures outside my own when I was a child? FUCKING AMAZING.
  8. In the end Detroit is amazing
    When certain people talk to others about my city without having the proper information (and I mean the information outside of the mostly Caucasian blanketed media) it upsets me. They are doing nothing but perpetuating the negative stereotypes of a city and its people that they know nothing about.