I'm nosy (as we all know) and I want to know what the lovely babes of @list are using for the BC. All the ins and outs and side effects to!
  1. I'm using the Nexplanon implant & Condoms.
    I've had it for about 7 months (and had it in the past for three years) I don't many of the side effects past the first month. No breakouts, nothing crazy with cramps but my period comes every other month and last for about 2 weeks. It's super effective, I use condoms with sex as well (except for one stupid time) and still not preggers.
  2. I also use the Eve app.
    It helps you track everything from moods with periods, while not on your period, sexy times and had a dope community of other babes.
  3. I'm seriously thinking of switching to the non hormonal IUD Paraguard..... Still want to know how it works for other ladies.
  4. I've never used Emergency Contraception yet.
    How's that worked for y'all?
  5. OK babes, spill the beans on your birth control methods!
  6. I'm a Nuva Ring gal
    It's awkward to put in and take out for the first few months. You only need the Nuva Ring once a month, so its good for forgetful ladies. I switched from pills because I was experiencing nausea after taking them. No babies no scares. Worst side effect was when my bf thought I was lying about being on BC since he never saw me pop a pill. Got rid of him and kept the (nuva) ring. Plus its $0 with my insurance!
    Suggested by @Boogie
  7. I take Minastrin24.
    No cramps, no acne, period lasts 1-3 days every month, I don't take it the same time everyday, but it's effective. Started taking it in my teens to help with hormonal imbalance.
    Suggested by @josie
  8. I can't comment on the IUD but I have used emergency contraception twice and it has worked for me (at least it seemed to, I mean I didn't get pregnant so...). Both times I took it within 12 hours of the "incident" so I think that's important!
    Suggested by @hermionegranger
  9. Condoms (embracing my inner high schooler)
    Hormonal birth control caused major problems with depression. The paragard is an option but I already get bad cramps so I use condoms and it works pretty okay, especially because I'm in a long distance relationship and not fucking ~all the time~ I used plan b once and it was totally easy but way too expensive so avoid at all costs if ya can!! Also pro tip, you can get them really cheaply at bed bath & beyond!
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  10. Nuvaring
    I love the nuvaring! So easy to use, not having to remember to take a pill, never gained weight or had weird side effects. BUT it's a lower dose of hormones so I did have some months that I spotted before I removed the ring and was supposed to get my period which made me worry that it wasn't as effective. (Also, right now, I use condoms and I'm not on any other birth control) and my bestie who's a nurse worries that it could cause cervical cancer?!
    Suggested by @jessnobs