Remember when we were all talking/discussing @Zeealist list?
  1. If you don't...
  2. I know black feminism is so last week for some of you
  3. Some of you were down with the cause
  4. And the rest of you copped attitudes and were in your feelings
    You tried it so let me return the favor @sar_marieee @elissa @lyssa580
  5. You kept asking what to do and many of the WOC listers including myself kept telling you to educate yourself
  6. Because we have been trying to for years
  7. And are pretty tired of doing so
  8. And also we don't have to
  9. I've decided to re-read "ain't I woman?" By the lovely Bell Hooks
  10. Bell hooks is everything
  11. It's a great way for you to begin educating yourselves and stopping all this foolishness and mayhem when you get your feelings hurt when we we say no to continually educating you on our struggle
  12. It also talks a lot about how white feminists get upset when we tell you our black woman struggle is different and how you should basically just agree with that and be fine with it
  13. Here is a snippet
  14. And another
  15. This is one too
  16. Oh and here
  17. Maybe just one more
  18. So when you say shit like you can't educate yourselves on it and this that and the other
  19. That's a lie
  20. Start with this book
  21. Because now you have a place to start learning and if you don't take it and keep saying you can't educate yourselves than you're officially not trying
  22. You just don't care