This is such a lovely request from @bware427 😍🙂
  1. I came out of the bathroom to him finishing his drink and smiling at me.
  2. I moved my chair closer to him and ended up so close that I was practically on his lap telling him what I wanted for fucking Christmas
  3. Guys, we kissed for like 30 minutes. On and off, it was some real cutesy shit.
  4. If you were at maudes liquor bar in Chicago last night, you're welcome for the small show
  5. Smash cut to the uber back to my place.
  6. We listened to records and made out like two teenagers in a basement
  7. There was some under the shirt action and a lot of pauses because she was getting real
  8. Than we ate frozen gummy bears in my kitchen while he Apologized for ripping my stockings
  9. I told him it was fine and hot and it made me feel like I was in some sexy opening movie montage
  10. Than he asked if I wanted him to go
  11. I said "well, we are out of gummy bears and booze"
  12. Guys
  14. We talked and drank and then he went home
  15. But we made out in my doorway before he did.
  16. Now we are texting.
  17. But guys I'm also texting and dating like 4 other people right now
  18. But he's really yummycakes.
  19. And kissing him makes me feel like there are college cheerleaders from ESPN doing tricks in my tummy.