This was a first and a fucking last...
  1. Went on a date with a guy last night
  2. Met him on bumble
    (Samuel, 32, White dude, artist, lives in Pilsen)
  3. It went really well!
  4. We talked for hours, had a few drinks, it was lovely
  5. We kissed a bit here and there
    Great kisser, good use of lip to tongue ratio.
  6. I looked amazing
    As per usual of course
  7. So we leave to get tacos
    Make out outside while waiting for the uber which was 10 minutes away
  8. He gets a ding on his phone mid make-out
  9. I'm kinda pressed up against him and he takes his phone out
  10. I guess he was delirious from my amazing lips
  11. Turns out our uber had to cancel but more importantly guess what is his screen saver on his phone
  12. A photo of him
  13. A kid
  14. & A lovely lady
  15. I ask who they are
  16. He freezes for a second and doesn't even lie
  17. It's his wife and kid
  18. I back away, ask him where his ring is and why didn't he tell me
    He clearly states he's single and he also told me through chit chat on the date his last girlfriend was 4 years ago.
  19. He proceeds to tell me he didn't lie and that they are having troubles anyway
    He didn't lie because they got married four years ago..get it, last girlfriend because it's now his wife. And he just casually forgot to mention he had a child.
  20. I was upset and disgusted
    Because he lied and now I was apart of something unknowingly where I was making out with and on a date with someone's husband.
  21. I told him to never contact me again and that he was a piece of shit and than I walked home
  22. I don't date other people's husbands, boyfriends, lovers, etc.
    I don't need someone else's man, there are plenty of dudes out there who are single, i don't need one that belongs to someone.
  23. I don't do drama
    I don't need to go all "Love and Hip Hop" on some lady because I'm dating her husband. You win, I don't want him, I didn't know he was seeing someone let alone married so please, let me and my wig be.
  24. I don't date people with children
    I don't care if others do, it's just not me. As crazy as this may sound to you, If I meet someone and we hella click to the point of marriage and kids I want it to be fresh, just us, our family, our future. And that's fair as hell for me to want that.
  25. I don't share
    What's mine is mine, I don't want what's yours.
  26. So if you're a married or otherwise attached person who is dating someone or you go on a date with someone who is unaware of that....
  27. Fuck you
  28. That's not cool
  29. And I think you're a piece of shit.
  30. Edit: read all the comments...y'all are some classy incredible lovely little lollipops 😍🙏🏾