Yo, new listers. If you really dig a list you can save the shit out of it by pushing the πŸ’Ύ button. They don't get notified or anything but you can have it for when you really want to re-live the lists of your dreams.
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    For some reason I really want to say "Snapchat me that.." Never mind..
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    A few of these lists I've saved soley because I'm mentioned in them or the subject of them and I like to look back on rainy/shitty days and be like "wait a minute...I am cool af"
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    @theranman knows me too well. Every time we hang out one or several of my types show up and I get to have my way with them later.
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    Because @mjprovine mentions empire records in this list and so many other great movies that have been made complete by a simple shaving of the head.
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    @keira slays the makeup game. I saw her wonder woman and want batshit crazy. I just want to crash with her for the weekend and be her doll and come up with a (even more) massive selfie collection.
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    This list makes my vagina melt quicker than a slushie in an Atlanta summer. @michellejennifer has given me life and spank bank ammo with this list. (See my previous love for daddies)
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    @aprilkquioh made my day with this and i look at it whenever a white person says something out the side of their neck to me (so every day)
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    @futurestranger drew me y'all and I felt blessed AND highly favored.
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    I was @francium list app secret Santa and her reaction list made me smile!!!!
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    @franksars and I share a DEEP love for all things Mr. Ayoade because he's mother flipping great and has sweet, sweet style.
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    Because I've watched enough English television to be both intrigued and completely confused by their school agenda and @alexim explains it so perfectly!
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    Because got damn it I LOVED Chanel's earmuffs game and to see it all on one list by @TT made me scream in delight.
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    This list by @dustinboone WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE MY FAVORITE LIST ON THIS APP!! Smashed that πŸ’ΎπŸ’ΎπŸ’Ύ so hard!!