Inspired by @brimattia except opposite. I tortured him every Friday night for years.
  1. I had my own room growing up. Everything was included like the dollhouse you purchase that requires no additional parts.
    TV, VCR, Cable, lava lamps, inflatable furniture, goldfish, art corner, princess window and everything else.
  2. I also had an awesome comfy chair in my Room that I made my dad sit in and watch movies with me just about every Friday.
  3. I now feel horrible that I tortured him so.
  4. But still happy for all the memories.
  5. Let's get started shall we?!
  6. Bring it on
    Featuring girl group Blaque and Marie Antoinette
  7. Zenon
    Featuring Olivia from the Cosby show.
  8. Wish upon a star.
    Featuring the evil Izzy and includes a wonderful table dance scene and dazzling wardrobe choices.
  9. It takes two.
    Featuring Michelle from full house and has an amazing soundtrack and made me want to be an orphan for the summer
  10. Big girls don't cry...they get even
    Featuring Intro to child feminism 101
  11. Little giants
    Featuring Casper and also intro to child feminism 102
  12. Susie Q
    Featuring the pink ranger and death
  13. Welcome to the dollhouse
    Featuring Taina and the guy who ended up hot from the killing.
  14. Jungle II Jungle
    Featuring Tim the Toolman Taylor and slight child nudity
  15. Man of the house
    Featuring a 70s asshole and a 70s beauty along with child anger.
  16. Now and then
    Featuring Casper's girlfriend and kelso's ex wife
  17. Love you daddy