A tribute to iesha from the @ListPrompts
  1. I won her in kindergarten
  2. I named her after this song.
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  3. I had her for 5 years
  4. She was brutally murdered by my brother while I was at little league
    He fed her the wrong food by "mistake"
  5. I stared at her empty fish tank in my room with the lights out and my lava lamp on
  6. I refused to go to school for two days
  7. We had a funeral that Sunday.
  8. I invited the whole neighborhood, demanded everyone wear black and forced everyone to say one nice thing about her
  9. She was buried in my backyard in a cigar box filled with glitter, candy and her favorite food (in case she got hungry in the afterlife)
  10. I went to McDonald's after the funeral with my mom and dad and brother.
  11. Came home and watched a few episodes of rugrats.
  12. I now have a fish that I got this summer
  13. Her name is Elaine Shwartzman
  14. She's jewish
  15. I rescued her from a very patriarchal pet store
  16. She's wonderful
  17. But she's no Iesha.