I know you see me seeing you. Let's get it in 2016 (and by commute I mean like 3 days a week to another neighborhood in Chicago that's like 30 minutes away, so I am only on the bus with him for approximately 13 minutes)
  1. "Oh hey babe, no dark matter coffee this morning?"
  2. "Ohhhh new coat?, I like it, brings out your eyes for sure"
  3. "Me? No I've had this scarf forever, just hasn't been cold enough to wear it :)"
  4. "Smells like you're wearing a new cologne"
  5. "No? Just your natural scent..cool."
  6. "Crowded bus right?"
  7. "I mean you can sit next to me, or I could like sit on your lap, or we could go to the back of the bus.."
  8. "You're right, you're right, not now"
  9. "Oh me, just headed to be the dopest nanny to a few cool kids"
    What I'm trying to say is I'll be an amazing mom to our children in 5 years
  10. "Oh yeah, I see you with your camera a lot, you must be a spy"
  11. "Oh a photographer? Makes more sense"
  12. "You're getting off now?"
  13. "And later to if you know what I mean"
  14. "You're right, that's too much"
  15. "Cool, I'll just stare at you until you exit the bus"
  16. "Butts"
    Thanks Tina Belcher
  17. "I'll see you on Friday, I'll be sure to have to do a bit of a wiggle to get pass you"
  18. Queue up "I wanna sexx you up" by Color me Badd in my head