The original animated frenemies.
  1. Angelica Pickles & Susie Carmichael
  2. Angelica was a grade A bitch to those small babies. AKA Tommy Pickles and his homies.
  3. But when it came to Miss Susie Carmichael...she was having no ones shit and suffered not one fool.
  4. Most of the time Angelica was trying Susie on all matters
    From dancing, to winning backyard races and trying to beat her at talent shows.
  5. But other times...they were actual homies
    When Angelica wasn't fucking up people's situations, she could be cool as hell.
  6. And sometimes, they even rolled together and teamed up when someone was being a total jerk
    Would NOT fucks with the two of them together.
  7. They were both strong willed, bad ass, baby feminists who had each other's back when they needed to but would not fake their disdain for each other.
    Which is amazing because why not always tell people how you feel about them, you can have someone in your life who occasionally you wanna roll with but other times you're like "nah...I don't want to see you right now"
  8. They stayed friends into their teen years
    What's up Cynthia
  9. And this is them now
    Still killing the game and spending that rugrats paper.