This is my new Monday thing. You'll like's sweet
  1. Subtle sexuality
  2. I kinda forgot about them
  3. But like is that possible
  4. Kelly (top billing of course as to avoid getting shanked in the break room) & Erin
  5. The use of leopard and face a warrior of bad relationships. 💯
  6. Sometimes you have to threaten a boy to get what you's the mature thing to do 😵
  7. I love a good elevator sequence 😎
    Shout out to baby wawa
  8. And a pirate theme always represent the rough waves of a relationship.
  9. Love is pain...especially with a Male Prima Donna 🤕
  10. But...we can't help but want them 😊
  11. Especially when they make apps that take up 93.8% of our lives and we have no problems with it
  12. 😘
  13. Watch it here...again and again