Charmed their way off the tv and into our hearts (I know, cliche tag line but stay with me, the list makes up for it)
  1. I meannnnnn..we all remember it right?
  2. Phoebe, Piper & Prue Halliwell
    I will NOT include Paige. I WILL NOT AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME.
  3. These girls made me think I was a witch even more than I already did
    Shout out to Sabrina, Teen Witch & The Craft for ruining my parents lives from ages 12-14.
  4. I knew I was a witch, just that whatever I needed to do to activate my powers I hadn't done yet.
    Or I wasn't 16 which was the next logical step
  5. In came these ladies:
  6. Piper
    I know you all attempted to freeze your teacher at least 3 times...then remember when she got all extra and was able to make people explode!!
  7. Prue
    Yo, moving things with her mind? I've wanted this power since Alex Mack! Plus she was a badass both on and off the show so 🙌🏾
  8. And Phoebe
    I meannnnnn...premonition? That's so raven style? Yes please! Also, it's fucking Alyssa Milano. I can't think of many grown ass women who can make barrettes sexy.
  9. They changed my life
  10. My powers have yet to activate
  11. But, I mean, it's going to happen.
    Like so soon guys.
  12. Hey remember when penny was on the show?
  13. And the bad guy from titanic?
  14. Good times right?
  15. I refuse to acknowledge Paige as a true Halliwell Sister
    I was hurt when she showed up, my feelings were all over the damn place and I'm getting real riled up right now just thinking of her..
  16. So go off and have a charmed day..
  17. And never forget The Halliwell Sisters