1. You guys I love me a podcast.
  2. I have a few favs that I listen to on the constant
    "You made it weird" // "How did this get made" // "Ronna and Beverly" // "Jake and Amir" ..... to name a few.
  3. But I am truly obsessed with the following:
  4. Black Girls Talking
  5. And
  6. Black Men can't jump...in Hollywood
  7. They are both on the headgum podcast network
    Headed by Jake & Amir (the later of which I will take on the P train to Swirl City)
  8. But they are both podcast created by and featuring young black folks!
  9. Black girls talking discusses everything
    From Kanye, to Hoteps, to Mindy Kaling & cultural appropriation.
  10. And the boys over at BMCJ take movies featuring a black lead or cast
    And discuss if they are helping the cause of black faces in Hollywood or hurting it.
  11. Both have a perfect mix of comedy and realness
  12. You should listen to both right now
  13. Like stop reading and do it
  14. Now
  15. I love you
  16. I don't know why I said that...I'm just excited you're about to get obsessed with them too
  18. Shout out to my mama
    As always.