1. My driver just told me if I lost 10-20 pounds I would have a line of guys behind me.
  2. If this were 10 years ago I would be crying.
  3. But I told him I have no problem snatching up anyone regardless of how much I weigh.
  4. And I promptly told him to continue on his way to my destination.
  5. Because even if I disagree with him and what he said I'm not going to be late to where I'm going because of his patriarchal ass comments.
  6. Not gonna have my night ruined because this dude feels the need to comment on my size.
  7. And for added measure this is how bomb me and my tiny dress look today
  8. And up top we are looking fly too
  9. Without the sunnies shes fly too and giving a no fucks face
  10. So I hope you all have an amazing day!!!
  11. And don't let someone try to ruin it by trying to bring you down with their words!!!
  12. This doesn't ruin uber for me because I still need a way to get home when I'm drunk and the bus won't cut it
  13. Plus I'm damn positive not all uber drivers are as senseless as him
    I wanna say something like "one nut a squirrel does not make" but I don't know how to word it get it.
  14. Byeeeee
  15. Update:
    I've read all the comments and y'all are all so freaking amazeball tiny hamsters that I want to squeeze you all into one big hug!!