Have you ever been minding your own business and a man randomly jumps in to help handle the situation (which you don't need help with or wasn't an actual situation) and mansplains it to you? Cool, me too.
  1. Uber ride
    You don't need to pull over and teach me how surges work, I've been using uber for three years. The meter is running and I need to get home to watch Jessica Jones.
  2. Whole foods line
    Dear man in speedy register next to me, I am well aware how to use Apple Pay, I don't need your help. Take your hands off my phone.
  3. McDonald's line
    I know that a medium and large Coke costs the same, I don't need you to pull me aside as we both wait for our orders to smile and let me know that..I just want a medium Coke.
  4. On the subway
    Well aware how to double tap my friend on, get your hands off my transit card and shut the fuck up.
  5. On the bus
    I know when and how to pull for my stop, you don't need to explain to me how, open the doors and let me off the damn bus
  6. At the dentist
    No I am no longer on my dads insurance, you don't need to tell me to call him so he can tell me how it works having my own. Just make my teeth sparkle before I push this drill down your throat.
  7. At the post office
    I don't need you to explain to me what a business day means, stop trying to flirt with me and stop talking down to me after I ask how much insurance is.
  8. At Fedex
    Don't come up to me and tell me that the box is going to be to heavy for me to carry it or that I should let you show me how to find the zip code for Canada because "it can be confusing for me". I'm sure my tiny woman brain can figure it out.
  9. At the bar
    Stop asking me am I sure I want a double whiskey neat because "am I sure how much alcohol that is" and I don't need you to randomly explain to me the difference between my bourbons because you want to make sure I know what I'm drinking.
  10. Car wash
    No this isn't my dads car / boyfriends car / male person I know car. I do know where I am, I also know which wash to select and you don't need to condescendingly ask if I know what a buff and wax is.