Queue up Mariah because it's time to get real festive
  1. β€’
    My secret Santa didn't reveal themselves but it's so amazing!! Please please tell me who you are!!
  2. β€’
    I took the nearest knife and went to town opening this box...glitter got on my hands and I immediately knew it was going to be fucking perfect.
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    First, let's talk about this sweet ass handwriting. It's like a lovely elf secretary took their time to describe the pressies!!!
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  4. β€’
    Awesome frozen style glitter gift bag that was immediately taken out of my hand by a small 5 year old child I am hanging out with today because she's crafty as fuck and was like "I'll take that thank you.."
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  5. β€’
    This super cute sparkle-rific, seatbelt bag from harvey! I love it and it's perfect it will force people to think I'm not only safety conscious but also fashionable!
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  6. β€’
    Some yummy ass sea salt chocolate from st.louis (where my secret Santa is from!!) that is now gone and inside by belly!
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    More amazing chocolate! It's my secret Santas fav and I'm going to put it at my bedside and snack on it...by snack I mean stuff in my mouth while I'm watching 30 Rock in bed and it will all be done by the end of the week. I LOVE dulce de leche so I'm so excited to eat it!!
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    My SS travels bunches (Germany!!) and she got me the best gummies on the planet. I LOVE SOUR, I LOVE CANDY, I LOVE GUMMIES!! Haribo is the shit and you're a genius!!
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    I've got more tea than Ramona Flowers because it's perfection. Not a coffee girl at all but the fact that you not only got me tea, but CARAMEL APPLE tea!! Mind blown can't wait to sip it later and feel hella classy
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    You're amazing! Reveal yourself so I can say thank you properly!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
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    Shout out to @ChrisK for setting this up!
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    Shout out to my secret Santa giftee, I can't wait to see your unboxing.
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    Shout out to Mariah Carey for helping this moment be hella festive.
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    Shout out to my mom because I can't give shout outs and never give one to my mumsy!