If you have a child and I visit you, please do not blame them for the sudden lack in snackery in your humble abode
  1. Chocolate bunnies
    Yes please. I snack on these by the handful. I don't care if your child's filthy hands have been in the box.
  2. Cheddar bunnies
    Will steal these from a toddler in 7-10 seconds, let the crying commence.
  3. Bunny Grahams
    I cry everytime I see one of these on the ground, they are delicious, please keep a better eye on your children and their wasteful ass snack habits.
  4. Honestly...all the bunnies that bitch Annie is a killer with the snacks
  5. Honey Nut Cheerios
    Ugh...with milk, no milk, on a plate, out of a ziplock bag at the park that I lied and told your child was for them but it's for me so I have to hide it when they run towards me because I don't share
  6. Enviro kids peanut choco crispy rice bars
    Mmmm yummy as fuck on the train when stolen from a small child's snack stash
  7. Super Stars from whole foods
    Their parents say it's a treat for them cleaning but I eat them with wine.
  8. Pirate booty
    Like...what! I know I can buy it but it's even sweeter when I open a cabinet and they have 100 tiny little bags for their tiny children and grown guests like myself.
  9. Wallaby yogurt
    Shout out to lemon flavor getting me through early morning writing sessions.
  10. Gogo squeez
    Like every flavor. I also enjoying these on the bus facing a boy that I would like to make out with. Sends hella mixed signals but whatever im down with a little age play.
  11. Z bars
    Energy for me whilst I'm walking to the park with you and your 4 year old. I kinda almost cried once when I had to share the last one.
  12. Quack n bites
    The cutest of the snacks that go in my mouth. Also they throw that cheese on thick so thanks for that whole foods.
  13. Horizon chocolate milk
    The to go size because I've got shit to do and I've specifically come to your home for snack sizes that will fit in my purse.
  14. So...let me know if you need someone to make your kids lunches.
    My fee is that I too get to leave with a lunch everyday...and you must buy me a lunchbox. Xena or yellow ranger only please.