Ooooooo @ijeoma I'm ready for this one.
  1. Let me start out by saying I have a follow limit on my Instagram (@simplyshelli) which is 50. I just don't like clutter.
  2. So therefore this is very exciting to me because I fucking love social media
  3. I also love list requests now so send that shit my way.
  4. Let's begin
  5. @daniebb3
    You may know her as Taystee. She is my patronus. We favor, she's positive, hilarious and the voice of the curves for damn sure.
  6. @jilliandeltoro
    She doesn't post too much but when she does it makes me happy. I'm very interested in her being my cousin to hang out with at cookouts. You may know her from @IDIOTSITTER or workaholics.
  7. @womenandwhiskies
    This account is terribly amazing! They do so many events and I fucking love whiskey. They have killer drink ideas and give you the recipe on making them all. Plus you know, babes and drinks.
  8. @wussymag
    An amazing queer power Instagram based in Atlanta, a city at the epicenter of queer culture in its own right. This one makes me excited, laugh and feel amazing all at once.
  9. @trixiemattel
    She's my aunt. She is myself in drag queen form. A living, walking, Barbie dream. This Instagram is pure perfection plus I get to know when she's in town so I can go visit my aunt.
  10. @bswardell
    Brandon Wardell is amazing. He's funny, cute and I want to suffocate him between my thighs.
  11. @arthistorysnap
    This might be my favorite Instagram of all time. I love everything about the combo of old and new mixed with a little comedy and sometimes shade. I don't like/understand snapchat but this shit is amazing.
  12. @valfre
    One of my favorite artists and she also made my fly as fuck phone case. Her drawings are lovelier than lovely and she's a feminist queen.
  13. @vintagerotica
    One of the sexiest socials I follow. It helps put me in the space for my burlesque and gives me ideas but also its really fucking sexy and I like to get hot and bothered sometimes scrolling through my timeline.
  14. @therealfafi
    She's Been my favorite street artists for years and I have a lot of her stuff, even the main stream things she's done (like her collab with lesportsac) she's A1.