And you thought Vampire Diaries was good...
  1. City guys
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    Part of the reason why I later moved to NYC after high school. I never hung out in a diner until I moved to Chicago.
  2. Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane
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    I wished to be Jane but I was a Zoe because I wore way to many colors.
  3. USA High
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    Still moving to France to live with 5 other equally attractive people.
  4. Sweet Valley High
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    I just feel like j have a long lost twin..and she attends sweet valley high to this day looking for me.
  5. One World
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    Probably what really inspired Angelina Jolie to create her own benneton ad.
  6. Popular
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    Is it bad I just wanted my parents to get divorced so I would get a popular stepsister? Yes...yes it is.
  7. Breaker High
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    Yes, that is Ryan Gosling.
  8. Brotherly Love
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    Wanted to work in a garage to find true love..
  9. The Parent'Hood
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    My family, on tv, minus 2 siblings and add a few more white folks.
  10. Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher
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    I desperately wanted to attend a deeply inner city school so I could have this obviously very true experience.