And you thought Vampire Diaries was good...
  1. City guys
    Part of the reason why I later moved to NYC after high school. I never hung out in a diner until I moved to Chicago.
  2. Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane
    I wished to be Jane but I was a Zoe because I wore way to many colors.
  3. USA High
    Still moving to France to live with 5 other equally attractive people.
  4. Sweet Valley High
    I just feel like j have a long lost twin..and she attends sweet valley high to this day looking for me.
  5. One World
    Probably what really inspired Angelina Jolie to create her own benneton ad.
  6. Popular
    Is it bad I just wanted my parents to get divorced so I would get a popular stepsister? Yes...yes it is.
  7. Breaker High
    Yes, that is Ryan Gosling.
  8. Brotherly Love
    Wanted to work in a garage to find true love..
  9. The Parent'Hood
    My family, on tv, minus 2 siblings and add a few more white folks.
  10. Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher
    I desperately wanted to attend a deeply inner city school so I could have this obviously very true experience.