Tell me anything
  1. Tell me what makes you laugh
    I want to hear the smile in your voice
  2. Tell me what makes you shy
    I want to take your hand and bring you back
  3. Tell me when you're bored
    I want to text you trivial things to bring interest to your day.
  4. Tell me when you're excited
    I want to hear the reason and then be one of them
  5. Tell me when you're sad
    I want to try to turn your day around
  6. Tell me when you want me
    I want to turn them into actions
  7. Tell me when you're angry
    I want to listen and hear the intensity in your story
  8. Tell me when you're needy
    I'll do what I can to fulfill those that you have
  9. Tell me when you need to be alone
    I'll respect it
  10. Tell me when you're discouraged
    I'll tell you in all honesty How amazing you are
  11. Tell me...
  12. Tell me...
  13. Tell me..
  14. Tell..
  15. Me..