You and your "Friends" & "Sex and the City" can go have several seats.
  1. What's up to Black Sitcoms!!!!
    Now I like some of their white counterparts listed but... Fuck it.
  3. Living Single
    Fuck Friends
  4. Girlfriends
    Fuck Sex and the City
  5. A Different World
    Fuck Felicity
  6. Moesha
    Fuck Growing Pains
  7. Good Times
    Fuck Roseanne
  8. Martin
    Fuck Mad About You
  9. Family Matters
    Fuck Full House
  10. Sister, Sister
    Fuck Step By Step
  11. 227
    Fuck Golden Girls
  12. The Proud Family
    Fuck The Wild Thornberries
  13. Keanen & Kel
    Fuck Drake And Josh
  14. KC Undercover
    Fuck Spy Kids
  15. Smart Guy
    Fuck Dougie Howser
  16. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
    Fuck Charles in Charge
  17. True Jackson, VP
    Fuck Victorious
  18. The Carmichael Show
    (I don't know what its white counterpart is, but this is a very good show)
    Suggested by   @franksars
  19. The Wayans Brothers
    They were so fine. And there's no other show like it in that time period, as far as I know.
    Suggested by   @olive
  20. My Wife and Kids
    Suggested by   @jessilee23
  21. Everybody Hates Chris
    Suggested by   @jessilee23
  22. The Fresh Prince
    Suggested by   @jessilee23