Inspired by @lgw πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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    This is me
    I'm Shelli. I live in Chicago inside the hipster triangle of Wicker Park, Logan Square & Humboldt Park. I'm a total babe, a writer and I'm terribly scared of mermaids. But I'm thankful for a whole hell of a lot. This list is just a few of the best things in my life, inspired by the beautiful eyed @lgw πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’œ
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    My work
    I'm a writer of the comedic realm and the opportunities that have come my way recently are amazing. I've worked hard for what I do, started a magazine at 20, starting a new site, have chapters due for a book, working on things with amazing Chicago comedy gals and dudes and more. It's a wonderful time to be an awesome black girl in the world of writing.
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    My body & health
    I've had health issues that I've battled since I was a small and loud child. My body is finally done fighting I think and we are on the same fucking page. I feel great, I look healthy and I even have food in my fridge sometimes..
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    My money
    I'm a 20-something who's struggled just like the rest, I can't tell you how amazing it is to have the financial freedom of not worrying like I did when I was 23. I'm no daddy warbucks but a bitch can walk into topshop and go pass the sale section.
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    My space
    I've dreamed of the perfect apartment since I was watching Friends & Seinfeld when I was 10. I am from Michigan and I've lived in NYC, Brooklyn & now Chicago. Ive had apartments that were shit but I treated them like palaces because I knew I'd get the space that was just for me and now I have it. It's big, beautiful and is cozy to be inside. Kinda like Idris Elba.
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    My friends & family
    They love me for who I am, they never ask me to change, I'd give them the world tied up in a glitter bow. I have learned it is not about how many friends you have but the qualities the people you choose to allow in your circle have. They each possess things that I adore, love and need. My family has always been there, encouraging, helpful and real and not many people have that. Parents together for 35 years who gave me the world and everything in it and i never took it for granted.