Feel free to add your own...or apologize.
  1. "You just don't sound black"
    Heard it since 2nd grade, still continuing to clap back at people every time
  2. "You're so pretty for a black girl"
    You stop it right now.
  3. "Are you going to order the chicken (proceeds to laugh)"
    No, I'm actually going to just get whiskey and some French fries
  4. "Why do black girls care so much about hair?"
  5. "When I tan I might get as dark as you! (Laughs loudly)"
  6. "Is that a wig, wait, it's a weave, how does it work?"
    Maybe it is but I don't feel the need to explain why I'm in the chair for 6 hours at my salon
  7. "You smell like chocolate, haha, get it!!!?"
    Yeah...I do
  8. "Can you twerk? Show me how to!"
    Stop it.
  9. "You're so sassy sometimes gurl!!!!"
  10. "How crazy is it growing up in the hood/ghetto?"
    I don't know...
  11. "Omigosh, you date white guys?!"
  12. Random people touching your hair without asking
    Suggested by @stars
  13. "So like... If I were dying of some terminal illness, and my last dying wish was to say 'nigga'..."
    Suggested by @olive
  14. "Do you wash your hair? How???"
    um water & shampoo
    Suggested by @anasha
  15. "Do you get sunburnt??"
    Do I look like I don't have skin or...?
    Suggested by @Nadira
  16. Can you recommend some "real" rap music?
    This happened so much in high school
    Suggested by @LizB
  17. "And like I tollllld them I can be racist cause you're my friend lolz"
    Suggested by @bellaemath
  18. "It's cause you're black!" AHAhahaha
    If you say this as a joke and you see the person not laughing why do you KEEP SAYING THE JOKE i just
    Suggested by @bellaemath
  19. So like, do you have a dad?
    Yes you ass hat I have a father we all have fathers. Not every black girl has an absentee father and even if they do it doesn't mean they have "daddy issues"
    Suggested by @bellaemath