Simple things..
  1. The color mint.
  2. Her smile.
    I've memorized it so even when she covers it I still see.
  3. Cold spring rain.
  4. Her sweetness
    Perhaps she doesn't show it to all but I see it and always take it in
  5. Chilly fall breezes.
  6. Her freckles
    The ones on her lips are my favorite.
  7. Writing on the first page of a new notebook.
  8. Her intelligence
    Listening to her views, learning from her knowledge and taking in her words.
  9. Lemonade
  10. Her presence
    Commanding and strong... Even if she doesn't know it
  11. Candy
  12. Her voice.
    I hear her digital "Good Mornings" & "Good Nights"
  13. Frank's hot sauce.
  14. Her hands.
    How her fingers curl to stay with mine for a second more before we break a hand hold.
  15. Sylvan Esso
  16. Her personality
    Silly, witty, kind and honest are just a few to pull out of all the lovely traits she possesses.
  17. Candy again.
  18. :)