I just can't help but smile when I see these!
  1. Drunk brides
    "I love you Bobby!!!!"
  2. People eating at bus stops
    Just fucking killing a 10 piece of nuggets
  3. Toddler siblings fighting in target
    "GIVE IT BACK NOW!!!!!"
  4. Babies throwing things out of their cribs
    "No...I said...you pick it up goddammit"
  5. Frantic mothers in Starbucks
    "I need a venti double triple with 30 shots of espresso"
  6. Teenagers being dicks to each other on the train
    It's mostly boy youths and they are loud and silly...as they should be at that age (fart joke inserted here)
  7. Girls flirting with their barista
    "Oh so you just think you know my order huh 😊😊😉😉"
  8. People trying to hold umbrellas during thunderstorms
    It's just like...hilarious! From the outside of course.