Oh am I wearing an ascot? I didn't notice..
  1. Turn my swag on - Soulja Boy
    "Sometimes you have to work a little so you can ball a lot"
  2. Best I ever had - Drake
    “No, I don’t text her, ‘It was nice meeting you.’ I wait eight weeks and I text her, ‘What’s crackin?'”
  3. Blame it - Jamie Foxx
    “Yeah, I’ve been a little down. Totally natural. I’m getting a divorce, but now I’m ready to pull myself up by some G-strings.”
  4. Can't feel my face - The Weeknd
    “The four sweetest words in the English language — ‘You wore me down.'”
  5. Loyal - Chris Brown
    "Love fades away..but things last forever"
  6. Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce
    "Nice hat, wanna bone? That's you talking to me"
  7. No flex zone - Rae Sremmurd
    "I have no interest in art. Let me clarify — I have no interest in non-nude images.”
  8. What do you mean - Justin Bieber
    "Not loving 90's R&B is number 3 on my oh-no-no's list"
  9. Suit and tie - Justin Timberlake
    “Oh, what’s this in my shoe? Red carpet insole. Everywhere I go, I’m walking on red carpet.”