And other things I heard in my childhood from My mum..
  1. "Turn off the radio you're wasting my gas"
    The car is parked and that's not how gas works.
  2. "You got some McDonald's money?"
    No, not at all.
  3. "You got some chuck e cheese money?"
    No, I do not.
  4. "You got some Rally's money?"
  5. "You keep opening the fridge like what's in there is gon' change"
    It will when we go grocery shopping
  6. "Stop running in and out this house lettin my air out! You either inside or you out!"
    I vote inside because cable
  7. "You betta sleep with a sweater on because that heat is going off at 10, your dreams will keep you warm"
    This past Christmas this was yelled at me from the kitchen.
  8. "Tell them little ugly boys to stop calling my house past 6"
    1 boy called me in middle
  9. "You don't have to run away, I'll drop you off wherever you want to go"
    Everytime I threatened to run away from home.
  10. "If you can make it to the phone after, be my guest, I'll be waiting for 'em in the living room"
    I learned about child protective services one day in school and used it to threaten my mother if I ever got another spanking.
  11. "I bought you in this world, I'll take you out"
    Everytime I muttered something under my breath.
  12. "I'm trying to figure out who you talkin too"
    No one, I promise, I swear.
  13. "Don't embarrass me when we get inside"
    Yes ma'am
  14. "DON'T "What" ME!"
  15. "Fix your face"
    Yes ma'am. Said through tears after I was told no about getting something.
  16. "If I go in there and find it...that's yo ass"
    Wait!!! Let me look again. FOUND IT!
  17. "This ain't the sunset strip what the hell all these lights on for?!"
    You mean my one lamp and overhead light in my room?....I can't play Xena in the dark.
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