I am really sorry I was so late . I am a horrible person. Sorry again. @pathb
  1. My favorite list of yours is MUNDANE RELATIONSHIP FANTASIES
    It's so pure and sweet and innocent and it brings happy tears to my eyes :)
  2. I think you have your priorities clear in life - friends , earrings , shoes
  3. You are the cool mom who can make fun of her kids online
  4. I now know what to do if I cook and want the kitchen clean 😂
  5. You have the best pictures in your phone !
  6. Also, your kids are adorable
  7. And also , Indian Masala chips are damn tasty and I love them too
  8. Sorry again and I hope you had a great Galentine's and Valentine's day and felt and spread the love ! Would love to meet you someday. You seem like a genuinely nice person !
  9. Lots of love Xoxo Gossip Girl ?😂