This is the smartest rat I have ever come across. Has been hiding in my room for two weeks now. I chased it out this week.
  1. I came into my room and could hear it in my drawer
  2. I didn't want to move ( obviously) so I called up 6 people
  3. Unfortunately, none of them picked up . So I kept staring at my drawer as I didn't want it to run away
  4. Finally my friend Pragyan came to my room. I assigned her the task of staring at my drawer while I called for more help
  5. So Merlin came and then it stopped making a noise. I searched for it everywhere and when Merlin opened another drawer it jumped out from the back and went under the bed
  6. By then my roommate had also come. So all of us got onto my bed and were thinking what to do
  7. When we saw it climbing up the wall, CLIMBING, where the window was, but then it fell down again
  8. All of us screamed for two minutes and after calming myself down I opened the window from outside and also the door
  9. It went to the opposite side of the room where a lot of stuff was kept. We removed the things there one by one and kept it on the bed , which included a water purifier. Water was all over the bed, we were all very nervous, it could spring out from anywhere
  10. We poked , shook, lifted,everything there but couldn't find it. Then we thought of taking everything out of the room so it would have nowhere to hide.
  11. In the process , we found the rat hiding under something else
  12. It went under the bed again
  13. We took everything out of the room and then finally looked under the bed
  14. It wasn't there ! We were looking in our wardrobes when my friend said she saw it outside
  15. We quickly locked our door and decided to never open it again
  16. After an hour, we brought everything back to the room, after checking and rechecking, from the door on the opposite side.
  17. We had to wash a lot but after a long battle we had emerged victorious
  18. Turns out, the rat was a hoarder. In its hiding place, we found a lip balm , a fork, a stone, a balloon among rat poop