1. Met one of my tinder boys at Adventure Landing, where for some reason I had my retainer in and had to take it out as I was saying "hello" for the first time.
  2. Awhile ago I had a dream that I thought was a premonition of the future, but instead the guy that I thought would confess his love for me did not.
  3. Frogs
  4. Had a dream I was in a room with a snake that came out of a cage somehow. Wanted it to be some cool symbolic dream but I'm pretty sure it's just bc there was a snake on my porch earlier that night
  5. I was auditioning for something and the line was so long that I forgot my song from waiting so long
  6. Went to old job to tell everyone why I wasn't working there anymore and was having a blast until I ran into the evil people
  7. A morbid dream includes pulling a dead body out of a toilet... IDK how my brain came up with that one
  8. I had a dream I lost my memory somehow and I was in a bedroom with Nat Wolff and he was comforting me and I was confused bc I wasn't sure if he was my brother or just a friend or what and I didn't want to ask bc nobody knew I lost my memory and I didn't want to look stupid