Favorite Mindy Project Characters Ranked

no danny's not on here he can choke
  1. 1.
    Mindy Lahiri (played by @mindy)
    obviously she's number one who else would be it's her show for crying out loud she is my spirit animal I'm obsessed with her I aspire to be her I could write a whole essay but I'll shut up about her now
  2. 2.
    Peter Prentice
    for some reason if ur male and an asshole on tv I'm probably in love with you peter is my DAWG in real life I would probably never even get near him but in fantasy land I'm all over him
  3. 3.
    Morgan Tookers (played by @IkeBarinholtz)
    wish he was my best friend honestly he would worship the ground I walk on lowkey would probably fall in love with him due to my track record
  4. 4.
    Jeremy Reed
    he runs the office literally he's the boss his life is so messed up he has daddy issues he's so funny and fine he was fat for a season he's me as hell
  5. 5.
    Tamra Webb
    sassy af should be with morgan she's perfect her cousin sheena killed me "babies are shady" when tamra was listing off kanye songs I screamed
  6. 6.
    every word out of her mouth is just so out there and weird but it's so damn funny
  7. 7.
    Jody Kimskvoekaoak
    kimball-kinney... I had to google how to spell it because everytime I hear it I just hear kangkekwmdjeo hated him at first too but then when he bought Mindy the apartment and being bros with colette made him so much cooler he just wants mindy to love him why won't she dammit
  8. 8.
    Colette Kimskvoekaoak
    again wtf is a kimball-kinney I'm gonna admit I'm one of those ppl that always hates the new people in shows I'm always like "why tf can't they just focus on the ones they have" but once I got to know colette and see her be bffs with morgan i ended up loving her which isn't a surprise mindy kaling always knows wtf she's doing with her shows
  9. 9.
    Casey (played by @Ders808)
    dont even know his last name but he made it on the list his character was hysterical if I was mindy I probably would have married him I love Mindy/Anders I'm so excited for her new show that he stars in I will watch that everyday and every night watch me
  10. 10.
    Brendan Deslaurier
    he is so FUNNY I hated him at first but then watching it a second time I started to really notice him and his dry humor especially when mindy is about to give birth on the subway and beverly offers mindy alcohol and she tells her to "not drink it all" and he's like "don't drink any of it" IDK that line delivery there is hilarious
  11. 11.
    Jamie (played by @bjnovak)
    bj could have played a DOG and he'd still be on the list I loved the whole when harry met sally thing (and how it totally parallels with real life for them ha js) anyway whenever they do anything together it's magic so his character is on the list
  12. 12.
    didn't care for her but when she got a crush on danny that was some funny shit bc GIRL SAME but tbh if she would have ended up staying on the show I think something would have happened with her and jeremy eventually