I've been writing this book for-fucking-ever, but I am almost done.
  1. Take a very long shower
    No personal hygiene sacrifices for lack of time. I will loofa, shave legs AND armpits, deep condition, etc. all during a single shower.
  2. Put away my laundry
    Clean laundry exists in piles next to my dresser, rather than inside my dresser, bc I don't have the energy to deal with that shit right now.
  3. Reintroduce myself to my kids
    I keep forgetting my newborn's name. And my other kid cries every time I walk towards the basement door, "Mommy stay for a little bit please!"
  4. Mani / Pedi
    I have no fingernails left but whatever. I'm stressed. I'll choose a dark polish. It's practically fall anyway.
  5. Complain about things other than my book
    The Whole Foods parking lot is a complete fucking shit show from 3-5 pm.
  6. Catch up on TV
    I'm behind on GoT, OITNB, the one where Kevin Spacey is always doing the asides to camera...
  7. Hang out with friends
    Do I even have friends anymore?
  8. Have sex
    My poor husband, seriously.
  9. Read a fucking book
    For christ's sake!