1. Hide and seek
    Two teams, one team seeks the other hides, each team gets three tries at each position, it's timed, whichever team has the best time average of finding the other members wins, hunger games style arena, SO INTENSE
  2. Red rover red rover
    I've never played a game of red rover where come one emerged unscathed. This could get violent, extreme, and would be incredible to watch
  3. Hopscotch
    The square patterns could become so complicated. Agility would be so key.
  4. Capture the flag
    I mean... Come on
  5. Four square
    Most intense and competitive game on the playground
  6. Red light green light
    Ahh yes, a cheating child's paradise. Speed and reflexes would be put to the test!
  7. Musical chairs
    I dare you not to get nervous watching people play this game.
  8. Jenga
    Strategic, exciting, makes loud noises when the bricks fall, what's not to love?
  9. Finally tether ball
    I don't know why this isn't already an Olympic sport.