Recently there have been many changes made to the pottermore website, including a house sorting ceremony made and approved by Jo herself. Naturally I decided to GET SORTED! WOO LETS ALL GET SORTED IN THIS MOTHER
  1. Ravenclaw is my life (not unlike chipotle to that one little boy)
    Since 2012 when the first pottermore site launched, I was assigned Ravenclaw. That is where I belong, that is where I shine like Rihanna's diamonds. I have always been book smart and creative. I like dancing and music and I'm dorky. I watch supernatural the walking dead game of thrones iZombie, need stuff. I'm a klutz and I'm socially awkward but I had a 3.9 in school. I won most inspirational! I'm not hufflepuff nice; I'm sort of blunt. The only sport I've played is tennis. I AM A RAVENCLAW
  2. I was taking the test and answering the questions honestly
    I didn't feel like I had anything to worry about. I was going to get Ravenclaw.
  3. These questions seem familiar
    A lot of these babies were on the old pottermore sight. Sweet, this will be a piece of cake! RAVENCLAW HERE I COME
  4. Alright all done let's see what I got
  5. What
  6. No
  7. No this can't be
  8. This is wrong
  9. But I answered the questions honestly
  11. I am NOT a gryffindor
  12. Alright calm down
  13. There must be a mistake
  14. I then proceeded to make 8 new email addresses
    So I can't handle situations like this very well obviously. I NEEDED to know the truth. So, like any normal human being, I made 8 email addresses so that I could make 8 pottermore accounts and find out the truth. Totally normal, I know.
  15. I was second guessing myself
    The whole time I couldn't tell if I was giving truthful answers or Ravenclaw answers because I was freaking myself out and IM INSANE.
  16. After many trials, well 8 more, I figured it was time to face facts
    I tallied my results on notes because I felt like this was just that important
  17. I don't know how to feel. I still think I'm a Ravenclaw, is that wrong? Am I a gryffindor? What colors should I wear? WHO AM I?