*drinks tea and composes list*
  1. Apologising for no apparent reason
    Giphy downsized medium
    The lady on the train bumps in to you but somehow you still say sorry, as does she.
  2. We love a good 'U'
    Colour, behaviour, flavour, harbour, honour etc.
  3. We're too polite
    Have you ever told your hairdresser that you love your hair when in fact you actually hate it and want to shave it all off? Me too. (Also, it's a fringe)
  4. Europe is not one big country!
    My American friends "I'm coming to Europe this summer!" Me: "great, so will you be in London or 3000 miles away in Azerbaijan?
  5. The weather.
    If it's hot, it's probably wet. If it's cold, it's probably wet too.
  6. Do you drink tea with the queen?
    Yes, but only on Mondays & Wednesday's. She's busy the rest of the week.
  7. When somebody tries to push in the queue
    But we won't actually confront them.