The Fab Four's catalog just made it to Spotify and everywhere else that's streamy. Here's a suggested holiday playlist from your fave mop tops.
  1. Do You Want to Know a Secret
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    "Hey, kid. I know you're only six. But do you want to know a secret? There is no Santa Claus. Your parents are Santa Claus."
  2. Please Mister Postman
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    "Sweet baby Jesus that package has been 'out for delivery' since Tuesday."
  3. Money (That's What I Want)
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    "And maybe a bottle of bourbon."
  4. Can't Buy Me Love
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    "...but the least you could do is TRY."
  5. I Don't Want to Spoil The Party
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    "...but this eggnog doesn't taste right."
  6. Help!
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    "I need somebody. Not just anybody. Maybe my therapist will pick up? Even though it's Christmas Eve?"
  7. I'm Looking Through You
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    "...and your desperate attempt to make up for a year of lackluster friendship and support with this $100 gift card."
  8. I'm So Tired
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    "...of shopping. Of wrapping. Of all the songs. Of 'cheer.' Of everything except these Christmas cookies. Pass me another one."
  9. She Came in through the Bathroom Window
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    "Look kid, we live in apartment building. We don't have a chimney. And who said Santa Claus can't be a woman? Did I raise you to be a mansplaining sexist?"
  10. Let it Be
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    "You do not need that third piece of pie. Especially after all those Christmas cookies you ate. Not to mention the bourbon."
  11. All You Need is Love
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    Merry Christmas, everyone.