1. T minus 4 hours: Yeah we'll do Skype that will be easier than meeting in person. For sure.
  2. T minus 1 hour: sweet I can get some more stuff done (aka dick around with playlists on spotify) between now and our call. This is much better than driving anywhere or being on public transit. The future is NOW. I love living in the future.
  3. T minus 10 minutes: ugh calendar reminder just buzzed. I don't want to have this meeting at all. Why am I doing this? I don't want to talk to anyone right now. I'm enjoying getting all this work done aka making this awesome playlist.
  4. T minus 5 minutes: ugh another calendar reminder. Shut up, calendar.
  5. T plus 2 minutes: oh shit I haven't even launched Skype. Oops.
  6. T plus 3 minutes: ok fine Skype launched there's a call thing from them. Cool. "Hi yeah hi can you see me?"
  7. T plus 4 minutes: "hold on lemme grab my earbuds these huge headphones look ridiculous and you're super loud and I can't hear myself talk."
  8. T plus 6 minutes: "ok ok. Got them. You still there? Thanks for being patient with me."
  9. T plus 7 minutes: video freezes. Audio freezes. Call drops.
  10. T plus 10 minutes: phone rings. "Yeah hi, this is probably easier."