Picking only 10 was very very difficult.
  1. Holy Ground
    A heart bomb with a backbeat. Kills me every time. "And I guess we fell apart in the usual way. And the story's got dust on every page."
  2. I Knew You Were Trouble
    Imagine being a fan of early Taylor and being excited for Red and hearing the beat drop the way it did on track 4. Mind blown. It's perfectly produced (not just the drop, but also the piano in the first verse), and the line "I guess you didn't care, and I guess I liked that" is the appropriate amount of self awareness and blame.
  3. All Too Well
    "You called me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest." Heartbreaker. When she performed this at the piano at the Grammys she earned every single one of those hair flips.
  4. Blank Space
    Probably the most 1989 song on 1989. The RS interview with her put this song in context: if you don't get the joke, then you don't deserve to get the joke. And then Ryan Adams does his version and blows it wide open again and makes you wonder if it wasn't a joke after all.
  5. Clean
    Probably the least 1989 song on 1989. The production is beautiful, and imagine being able to just call up Imogen Heap and say "hey, wanna do a song together?"
  6. Speak Now
    Just chock full of crazy good lyrics like "her snotty little family dressed in pastel." And the line where she sings "but I know you wish it was me / you wish it was me" and then drops her voice an octave for the "don'tcha" which just takes the song to a completely different place tone wise for a split second.
  7. Dear John
    The most Taylor breakup song of all the Taylor breakup songs. I'd kill to see this live, especially when she sings the line "don't look now, I'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town." (Shit. I hope he doesn't unfollow me for this. It's probably not about him anyway.)
  8. You Belong with Me
    Perfectly tuned to elicit memories of high school. Yeah I know it's overplayed, but there's nothing like being alone in the car and having this come on the radio and turning it WAY up to sing along.
  9. Out of the Woods
    This song feels like peak Swift-Antonoff collaboration to me...and I mean that in only the best way. She killed this live, and I don't think there's another performer in pop who could sing that line"OH I REMEMBER!!" and nail it like she does.
  10. Our Song
    What did you do for your high school talent show your freshman year? Taylor did this.