1. Damn Daniel
    The classic. Perfect for the Google search.
  2. Damn Daniel.
    The period gives it some gravity.
  3. Damn, Daniel.
    Insert the slight dramatic pause to add that judgmental tone.
  4. Damn. Daniel?
    Something bad happened and you're either looking to Daniel for help...or he's the first one you'll blame.
  5. Damn! Daniel!
    Daniel is a cocker spaniel who just peed the carpet.
  6. Damn; Daniel.
    As compared to the comma, the pause of the semicolon implies less a tone of reproach than one of discouragement and sadness.
  7. Damn. Daniel...
    Daniel is the lost love, the one that got away, the one you can't even find on Facebook.
  8. Damn... Daniel!
    Time for a cigarette.