If you have questions, add them! I know I'm not alone.
  1. Is the hoodie trope now a self-reinforcing thing? Thanks, Zuck.
  2. Can you do that much morphine and still hack like a bad ass hacker?
  3. Where is this abandoned amusement park so close to NY? Wouldn't Trump be all over that?
  4. When does he do all his hacking? He always seems to be walking around. Or snorting morphine.
  5. Ball gagging while pregnant can't be safe, can it? Is "ball gagging" one word? Can you use that as a verb?
  6. Why would a genius hacker need html books on his nightstand? (Via @danielle)
  7. What the hell is going on? I'm so confused.
  8. Wouldn't AllSafe have security cameras and thus catch Angela loading the malware onto her ex-BF's workstation?
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  9. Aren't there other bad-ass hacker groups who could help other than that one group in China they pursue?
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  10. I feel like the FBI would totes check at least one CD of a convicted super hacker. How is that good security, Eliot?
    Suggested by @ChrisK