Everybody knows Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. Little known fact was that early drafts of the movie had a much larger ensemble cast. Here are the 26 characters that ended up on the cutting room floor.
  1. Apathy
    Wears gray sweatshirts, ill fitting jeans and an old pair of boat shoes. Has never voted.
  2. Boredom
    Spends the whole movie watching television, flipping the channel every 7 seconds. Not even stoned.
  3. Crushing
    Obsessively checks his phone, and repeatedly asks Joy if he's favorites too many of his crushes posts on social media. Joy encourages him but Disgust can't hide her...disgust.
  4. Dumb
    Wears a trucker cap over his blonde locks. Was the first character rejected by the Pixar brain trust.
  5. Ecstatic
    Was initially sketched as just a brightly burning cluster of sparkles floating through scenes. Even Joy found her annoying.
  6. Freedom
    Fear's long list twin. They were reunited in act 3 in a convoluted subplot involving a zipline franchise.
  7. Gratitude
    Walks around the whole time writing in his little journal.
  8. Happiness
    Never showed up for rehearsals. Rumor has it he was holed up at Chateau Marmont. Insurance clause kicked in.
  9. Iciness
    Such. A. Bitch.
  10. Jealousy
    He wants Joy's unbridled optimism and boundless energy, but won't admit it. Instead gives her the side eye and tries to be all cool.
  11. Krusty the Klown
    Has a small cameo but the lawyers couldn't work out the licensing issues.
  12. Loverboy
    Not a character, but the band. Perform "Working for the Weekend" in a mid-movie dance number in the Memory Dump.
  13. Madness
    Note came back from Disney execs: "We are worried that the American Psychiatric Society will complain that he should be on meds, and that gets confusing because then is Riley on meds?"
  14. Nihilism
    Ed Catmull, on Charlie Rose: "Look I thought this wasn't a terrible idea; after all we would have completely sewn up France. But we couldn't have two characters wearing turtlenecks. Just didn't look right."
  15. Orgasmic
    Meg Ryan and Charlotte Gainsbourg were angling for the voiceover work.
  16. Patience
    Had only one line in the original screenplay: "I'm willing to try this new broccoli pizza, San Francisco. Maybe you know something I don't."
  17. Questioning
    She dates Anger, but is not so secretly in love with Joy. (Aren't we all, really?)
  18. Rabid
    A dog transferred from the scary scene in Up, purposefully dropped into this movie as bait for the Pixar continuity conspiracy theorists.
  19. Stupid
    The writer who proposed this character was fired, because he also proposed Dumb.
  20. Troubled
    Wears a black trench coat and talks about murdering Bobo, going out in a blaze of glory. Everyone thinks he's just looking for attention but is also glad he was cut from the movie because he scared the hell out of them.
  21. Underwhelmed
    Best friends with Apathy, if you can call what they have "friendship." Spends the entire movie not being impressed by the memory orbs.
  22. Vicacious
    Keeps wanting to take all the other feelings to Vegas. "Guys! We'll get a cabana at the Encore beach club it will be awesome!"
  23. Wishful
    Dies in a tragic accident in the memory dump about 2/3rds of the way through the movie. In early screenings audiences started to sob here, and were exhausted by all the sobbing by the end of the movie they scored it 1/10 on the "how likely are you to recommend this movie to s friend or family member?" question on the exit survey.
  24. Xenophobic
    Hates all feelings, even though he is one.
  25. Yielding
    "What do you think we should do, Yielding?" "Oh, whatever you guys want. I'm easy." B-o-r-i-n-g.
  26. Zealous
    The illustrators' initial sketches had him wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt. They hated him and knew that he'd never survive the edit.