The joys of raising a 14 year old.
  1. A friend of hers is on Instagram sharing waaaaay too much skin and talking about blowjobs and linking to her AskFM profile where she talks about, well who the hell cares because JESUS CHRIST ASKFM.
  2. Crying fit the other night because she couldn't go see a band at the Fox in Oakland on a Tuesday night. "I'LL GET MY HOMEWORK DONE!!!" "Sweetie, that's not the point..."
  3. She barely even pretends to wash the dishes which means like half the time her mother and I end up scraping dried up food off plates when they come out of the dishwasher.
  4. She treats her little sister like dirt. I mean I did that too it's the right of the oldest but man it's just so brutal.
  5. The phone. Such addiction, much thumbing. It's worse than me. And I'm pretty fucking bad with the phone.
  6. But she's still pretty great and I love her to death and will defend her to the end of the earth. But no she can't go to the Fox on a school night.
  7. And Jesus Christ put your phone down for a godforsaken minute.