1. Fab 5 Freddy
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    As if this were even in question.
  2. Martha Quinn
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    Huuuuuuge crush. Always and forever.
  3. Doctor Dré
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    Not to be confused with THE Dr. Dre. (And yes it's weird to use the definite article there in all caps because this is clearly also A Dr. Dre.) Still great, though.
  4. Ed Lover
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    Was always curious if having the designation LOVER in his name actually worked.
  5. Downtown Julie Brown
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    Once again, did having the word DOWNTOWN in her name make her cool? Or was she cool before that. Chicken, egg.
  6. Adam Curry
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    Went on to help invent podcasting! So we can blame him for that.
  7. JJ Jackson
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    Sorta forgettable until you see him on a list of VJs and then you're like "oh yeah I loved that guy." Definitely ranks above...
  8. Mark Goodman
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    Every once in a while I'll hear him on Sirius XM now and all I can imagine is that it's his hair talking into one of those big radio microphones.
  9. Alan Hunter
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    He was like the dad next door who was into Rock without being the creepy guy who would invite you into his garage to get you high.
  10. Nina Blackwood
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    I love this photo because her hair looks like a muppet.
  11. Colin Quinn
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    Betcha didn't know he was also on The Cosby Show.
  12. Carson Daly
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    Will he ever age? No. He will not. He will never age. In fact his legal name is CARSON DID A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. "Carson Daly" is his stage name.
  13. Chris Hardwick
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    He didn't used to look like this but I picked a current pic because @midnight can actually be funny sometimes even though it clogs up my Twitter timeline with friends trying SO HARD to be funny.
  14. Karen Duffy
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    I met her at a party once in Vegas. I think I said something stupid like "oh yeah I used to watch you on MTV!"
  15. Carmen Electra
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    Thank you, Carmen, for making all my spring breaks feel...inadequate.
  16. Daisy Fuentes
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    More feelings of inadequacy.
  17. Kari Wührer
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    Even more feelings of inadequacy.
  18. Mandy Moore
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    Jesus I might need to see a therapist about my issues with MTV.
  19. Kennedy
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    I had no idea she wrote a book about her time at MTV! Might have to read that now. Stirs up only subtle feelings of inadequacy so is probably ok to read.
  20. China Kantner
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    Who were the MTV execs trying to impress by hiring the offspring of 70s rock royalty?
  21. Moon Zappa
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    As I was saying.
  22. Ashlee Simpson
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    I always forget about her. And then I remember the SNL moment. Oh, Ashlee.
  23. Pauly Shore
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    Oh, Pauly.
  24. Dan Cortese
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    Viacom people were geniuses with the whole MTV sports thing. Seriously, way ahead of their time. Except for Dan. Sorry, Dan.
  25. Jenny McCarthy
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    On here only to be deliberately placed last so I can end this list with a bummer of a reminder to VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN, PEOPLE. Sheesh.